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Paul Hobson
Calf Hey Group

Paul took his diploma at Huddersfield as an architectural technician before moving into the manufacturing industry.

He then spent several years running an offset litho business and design studio.

He met Mike in 1986 through business and found they both shared the same Christian faith and belief. Paul joined Mike at Calf Hey shortly afterwards.

Mike Roddis
Calf Hey Group

Mike has spent most of his working life in various sales roles. His background has predominantly been with printing and packaging companies (with a brief liason with the Hi-Fi industry).

In 1987 he started Calf Hey Design working from a very small garage in a rural village outside Huddersfield. At the time Paul was producing all Mike's artwork requirements.

Joining as business partners enabled Mike and Paul to develop Calf Hey from a "one man band" business into a thriving and competitive labelling company.